Edron does not provide any services to consumers. The very nature of the products and services delivered means that all purchases are considered professional business-to-business contracts. As a professional part, the Client cannot claim consumer rights or claim protection under any EU Distance Selling Regulations and is not protected by any right to a cooling-off provision. Edron does not offer the right to regret a purchase or request a refund. Requests for a cancellation of an order or any full or partial refund will be considered on a case by case basis and is at the sole discretion of Edron. 

If the Service includes Company Secretary services, Edron shall directly offer a corporate body or an individual for that role or provide any such corporate body or individual through a partner, agent or subsidiary. Company Secretary services in the UK shall be limited to the provision of, assistance to, or direct filing of, Annual Return and annual accounts (dormant) to Companies House, and a non-trading or non-fiscal resident notification to Inland Revenue. Other filings or assistance are not included in the service, unless specifically agreed in writing. The Client shall under all circumstances, remain liable for all government fees and penalties. Edron can at any time, terminate this Agreement without reason, provided that a proportionate part of the annual fee charged is refunded to the client. Without any refund, Edron might terminate this Agreement or any part of it, if the Client does not provide information to provide the Service in an efficient or accurate manner, or if the Client does not properly contribute to the performance of the Service, or if Edron at its sole discretion suspects that the Client is involved in activities that are illegal, immoral, or may cause damage to Edron or Edron’s reputation. The provision of the above-mentioned Service is based on the presumption that the Client does not have any business activities in the UK, or any other activity that for any reason shall be reported to the UK authorities or be included in accounts or tax returns. The Client must always notify Edron immediately, should these conditions at any time not be met, and any Service thereafter must be agreed in writing between the parties. Edron shall provide the services mentioned in this section within the standard filing deadlines set by UK authorities. If the Client’s signature is required, Edron will approach the Client in good time. In such cases or any other case where Edron cannot without the Client; or a third-party signature or other contribution complete the filing, Edron is not responsible for the filing deadline itself being met.

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